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Fifty Shades Freed

Jamie Dornan    Dakota Johnson    Marcia Gay Harden



‘Fifty Shades Freed’ is the third and final installment of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movies and presents the return of dangerous enemies for both Christian and Anastasia just in time to shake up their blissful-to-be new marriage.




Paul, Apostle of Christ

Jim Caviezel



‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’ is the chronicling of Paul, beginning as a great persecutor of Christ to becoming one of his most devout followers.




Jackson Rathbone    Billy Zane



‘Samson’ is another high-end version of the biblical hero on the movie big screen.



What They Had

Hilary Swank    Blythe Danner    Robert Forster



‘What They Had’ concerns a mother afflicted with Alzheimer’s whose daughter must convince her father to put the mother into a nursing home when the mother becomes disoriented and completely loses her way in a Christmas blizzard.





Friday – April 6th






Spinning Man

Guy Pearce    Pierce Brosnan    Minnie Driver



‘Spinning Man’ is a mystery thriller about a husband’s hidden extramarital affair, missing female student, and his wife’s growing suspicions about him once police detectives contact the husband and wife on their new investigation of the missing student.





Friday – May 4th






Eugenio Derbez    Anna Faris



‘Overboard’ is about a billionaire playboy meanie who falls overboard from his yacht, develops amnesia, and is fooled into believing by a single working mother that he is married to her.










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